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It’s a Friday morning let’s have Rice with plantain , chicken and vegetables πŸ€—πŸ€—


Wash a pot , put two cups of water in it and place it on a cooker and wait for it to boil.
Wash your rice and put inside the boiled water.
Cut the vegetables and wash.
Wash a small pot and put Palm oil inside.
Cut onions and put in the oil, proceed to put your pepper and add your ingredients allow to fry for ten minutes then add your vegetables, cover to steam for five minutes.
By now the rice will be soft then add your salt.
You can then proceed to cut your plantain ,put a drying pan with groundnut oil on fire
Fry your plantain
Then your rice is ready to be served.

Have a wonderful weekend ahead

King’s Baby Angel cares ❀️❀️


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