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Happy international Girl child day to all the girls out there

The Department of Mass Communication celebrate the international Girl child day with the female students

International day for a girl child has been in existance since 10yrs, it’s started in the year 2012 by the united nations general assembly. There have been increase in girl child birth in the whole world, it’s important as a girl we are been appreciated by the world.

The Theme for the 10th Anniversary of international day of the girl child is ” OUR TIME IS NOW – OUR RIGHTS, OUR FUTURE.

Female Child is the best children any family can ever ask for

All over the world, there were marches and special events such as concerts and educative programmes to mark the occasion. The department of mass communication of kaduna polytechnic also organized and educative program for the event to grace the occasion, As a girl child something new About the program is that as a girl child, there period move from left to right side of our uterus organ every month to observe our monthly period, the program was educative and was well planned by the women leader of the department.

In a global take over, girls get the chance to take over the key roles in business, politics and sport generally. Been a girl child should be appreciated in the world and they deserve the best. Stop d violation of girl #girltakeover#dayofthegirl#girlhero.

As a Blogger, I was present at the occasion that was held in the department by the host, women leader of Mass Communication student Association in person of Comrade Rukayyah Usman and chief host is Dr. Gambo Ibrahim Ahmed the HOD mass communication department , kaduna polytechnic. It is educative and the students turn up in massive number including the departmental lecturers.
Some of the lecturers present are:

Dr. Hadi Ashara ,Mrs Aisha Magaji, Mrs Yetunde Oshinowo and many more

Mallam Sanusi Rufai Buhari who is a consultant of UNICEF, also spoke on the indices of Nigeria having largest number of child marriage and child birth in Nigeria.



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